The Safe And Economical Guide to Dalat by motorbike

The Safe And Economical Guide to Dalat by motorbike

The Safe And Economical Guide to Dalat by motorbike

Before traveling by motorbike to Da Lat, you must find out information and consider a number of issues. Accordingly, please find a safe and economical guide to Dalat by motorbike as follows.

Guide to Dalat by Motorbike: The road to Saigon - Da Lat

If you travel from Hochiminh city to Da Lat by motorbike, you will have to go through a distance of 320km. The following routes you can pass include:

Main road: Starting from Ho Chi Minh city, travelers can go through forests such as war forest zone D or passes such as Ta Dung and Ta Nung pass will arrive Da Lat. This road is easy to travel, safe to move and you can enjoy the scenery along the way. However, you should also note that this road is very long (500km), so it will take time and if it rains, it is very difficult to go.

Secondary road: This road goes in the direction of Highway 20, then passes Bao Loc Pass and Prenn Pass to Da Lat. With this road the distance is just over 300km and the travel time is also shorter. However, the road is very crowded and the drivers on this road are very careless, so there are many dangers.

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Guide to Dalat by Motorbike: Travel time from TP. HCM City

You should start starting at 5am because a distance longer than 300km will cost you at least 8 hours. In which every 100km you will have to stop to rest and eat. So to beware of some risks on the way and make sure to arrive before dark, you should pay attention to start early.

Guide to Dalat by Motorbike: Estimated travel time

As mentioned above, it will take you about 8 hours to travel by motorbike to Da Lat, not to mention resting time as well as sudden incidents on the road or affected by weather factors. Therefore, you need to carefully calculate the path and track the time so that you do not have to travel in dangerous light conditions.

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Guide to Dalat by Motorbike: Perfect time to go to Da Lat

Every season in Da Lat has its own beautiful and captivating scenery. Spring here has cold weather and cherry blossoms are very romantic. In the summer, Dalat weather is cool with many delicious fruits that are suitable for relaxation. In the autumn, people start to harvest dried persimmon and this is the most beautiful flower season in Da Lat with wildflowers, rose grass ... In winter, Dalat is engulfed in fog and brings a very romantic and thoughtful look. private.

In general, you can ride a motorbike Dalat every season as long as you have enough time and excitement to start the journey.

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Things to prepare when traveling by motorbike Da Lat

Before traveling by motorbike, you will need to prepare a lot of things. The basics and most important of which you need to ensure include:


Excessive tires need to be replaced to withstand the heat and high friction. Tires need to have good grip, so if the grip has decreased or failed, they must be replaced. Other parts such as battery, turn signal, spark plug ... must be in good condition.

Personal papers

This is the experience of traveling by motorbike Da Lat is very important. Because it will accompany you in every trip. It is a representation that lets others know who you are and can help, under extreme circumstances. So you need to bring and preserve carefully so that they do not get crumpled or sticky with water. It is best to carry it in a waterproof bag or capture it and set it up as a phone screen for safety.

Personal item

Personal items such as brushes, towels or some basic clothes will be included in the backpack. Do not bring too much, but be fully prepared. You should choose a good quality backpack (waterproof and wear resistant) to accompany you throughout the trip. Please refer to some more good travel backpack models at Vietnam Outdoor.

Clothes to wear on the go

The clothes to wear when traveling by motorbike include reflective jackets, easy-to-operate long clothes, raincoats, goggles ... These will ensure your safety throughout. movement and make it easier for pedestrians to spot you in the dark.

Snacks on the go

On the way there will be some sections where you need to stop to rest, but not all roads have a grocery store for you to eat for breakfast. So before you go you should prepare yourself a little snacks to bring with you.


An indispensable part of every trip is medicine. In case of unusual symptoms or illness along the way, you should have some basic medicines that you usually use for take-away.

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Hopefully, this sharing will help you to have more information about your upcoming Hoi An Motorbike Adventures – Viet Nam.

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