What to pay attention in Da Lat motorcycle tours?

What to pay attention in Da Lat motorcycle tours?

What to pay attention in Da Lat motorcycle tours?

When in Dalat morotrcycle tours, you will need to pay attention to some important points as follows.

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What to take note when riding motorbike in Da Lat motorcycle tours

When riding you will have some technical problems that need to be controlled well such as:


Whatever speed you travel, keep a distance of 3 seconds from the vehicle ahead so that if they stop suddenly, the current speed allows you to brake in time. Otherwise the consequences will be quite serious.

Wearing clothes that attract attention:

The shirts that stand out or reflect in the foggy conditions of Dalat always help people on the move to spot you.

Sandy, muddy road:

You should deflate the wheel to pass this distance, the car will not sink and drift with its inertia.

Up the pass, down the pass:

The important rule is that when you go up by what number, when you get down you keep that number. The most dangerous is that when you turn off the engine to climb the pass, the switch will not be able to turn it on again.

Large car behind and loudly squeezing horn:

This phenomenon is easy to see in narrow roads. You must keep walking and signaling and changing lanes decisively. If danger persists, stop and head to the edge of the road.

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What to pay attention for 2 people in Da Lat motorcycle tours?

There are many young people who want to travel Da Lat by motorbike with their loved ones to build their love. It's a good idea, but here are some points to keep in mind:

- Start early to control the time and when you arrive in Dalat it is not too dark and cold.

- The police are on your way a lot, so remember to obey the traffic laws strictly.

- In Bao Loc Pass, the weather is relatively complicated, so you should pay attention to weather changes to avoid danger.

- There were no traffic lights in Dalat, so riders need to be decisive when riding.

- Blankets and hot water are more important than fans and air conditioners. Remember this when booking in Da Lat.

- Eat full before setting off because on the way you will not easily find the grocery store to rest, eat comfortably.

- From September to January, the weather in Dalat is mainly rainy. If you come to Dalat at this time, you should be careful of the flu.

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What to pay attention when passing Bao Loc pass in Da Lat motorcycle tours?

Bao Loc pass is often an obsession with people traveling Da Lat by motorbike. However, if you understand the following principles, you will be able to overcome:

- Always be alert and pay attention to obey traffic rules seriously. Focus on watching to handle situations.

- If traveling in groups, you need to go in a row, you cannot try to overtake or split the group.

- Do not intentionally pass the pass during heavy rain or dark because it is prone to danger at curves or by rubble.

- It is not advisable to stop in the middle of the pass but if for any reason avoid curves.

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Where to stay in Da Lat?

In Dalat motorcycle tours, people often choose to stay in a full house or hotel. You can refer to some necessary information as follows:

Full house

Full house is always an economical and cozy option if you go in groups. Usually the houses will accommodate more than 10 people and have enough facilities for you to live together. Taking the initiative in collective activities will unite everyone and leave you with many precious memories.


Hostel in Dalat is usually affordable but very fully equipped. You can choose motels a bit far from the center to save more money. You can also stay in the form of a hostel or a homestay with a Dorm room when you go 1-2 people.


You can also stay in the form of a hostel or a homestay with a Dorm room when you go with 1-2 people. Some famous homestay in Dalat such as: Wind House Homestay, Firewood Homestay, Sweet Home, The Shelter Homestay, or The Kupid Homestay, ...

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Hopefully, this sharing will help you to have more information about your upcoming Hoi An Motorbike Adventures – Viet Nam.

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