Where to visit in hue motorbike tour - 2021?

Where to visit in hue motorbike tour - 2021?

Where to visit in hue motorbike tour - 2021? 

Hue tourism has many beautiful spots, if you want to visit many places you need a means of transportation and be proactive about your time. Just renting a motorbike in Hue is able to freely explore, and do not have to worry about the cost because the price is much cheaper than taking a taxi or renting a tourist car. Here are the best places to go out in Hue motorbike tour.

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Hue Citadel (Hue Citadel) in Hue motorbike tour

Coming to Hue without checking-in to Hue Citadel (Hue Citadel) is a big mistake. This place is located in the city center, so right after you hire a motorbike, ask the owner for directions or follow google map, just follow a straight line to come, very easy. Where you just need to stand outside is also easy to have sparkling "virtual life" pictures. If you want to visit, learn more, buy tickets inside.

Note, if you go in the rainy season or summer, you should also bring an umbrella. In case you forget it, you should ask the motorbike rental store in Hue if you can borrow it. Because the sunny season at noon will be very sunny and the rainy season often has unmarketable rains, which easily affect the trip.

Thien Mu pagoda and An Nhien garden house

Thien Mu pagoda and An Nhien garden house are both located on a motorbike road, so it is very convenient. First, you go along Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street first to visit An Nhien garden house - a peaceful place in Hue, which still retains the beauty of landscape and architecture despite over a century. Entrance fee is about VND20.000/ person.

Leaving the garden house, you continue to move down to Thien Mu Pagoda. This temple is famous for more than 100 years old, located on the banks of the Perfume River. Here you will admire many unique populations. Want to take a walk around the Perfume River, you can rent a dragon boat.

Huyen Khong Son Pagoda, Thuong Hue

Only about 14 km in the west of Hue city, you can visit Huyen Khong Son pogoda by motorbike. The way is relatively easy, from the direction of Thien Mu pagoda just go straight ahead. Compared to other tourist destinations in Hue, this temple is less known to tourists because it is hidden deep in the valley, surrounded by mountains and pine hills. Both the scenery and the space here are very peaceful, just a lake with a few bridges over, adding small communal roofs, ... well, those who come do not want to return. Also on the way you can also visit Huyen Khong Pagoda and Khe Ngang Lake.

Vong Canh Hill, Thien An Hill

Vong Canh Hill and Thien An Hill are very popular and have been used as the backgrounds in many famous movies. Possessing a peaceful and fresh space with views overlooking the river, the hills are extremely picturesque. The two sides are clear, the carpet looks like Da Lat, where you will have beautiful and unique pictures.

Then you drive through the south of the city (about 7 km from the center) on Dien Bien Phu street near to Dan Nam Giao, turn left and go straight to reach Thien An hill. This is a large hill, this place also has immense forest, a peaceful and wild landscape. Tthere are also romantic maize trees, Do Do Primary School, Hue University of Education, Sim forest ...

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System of tombs in Hue

Hue is famous for many mausoleums, notably the Tomb of Tu Duc, the tomb of Khai Dinh, the tomb of Minh Mang, the tomb of An Bang, ... All are spacious and monumental in scale, designed and built very carefully. Steering wheel tickets average about 100k / adult. However, note that the mausoleums are located not too close together, it is best to choose one. You can go straight there in your hue motorbike tour.

Tam Giang Lagoon, Lap An Lagoon

If you want to visit these two places, you move to the Southeast. If you are a nature lover, you will surely be fascinated by the beauty of Tam Giang Lagoon - the largest brackish lagoon in Southeast Asia with its wild and quiet features. Coming here at dawn or dusk you will be mesmerized by the scene.

Lap An lagoon, too, is located between Lang Co and the majestic Bach Ma mountain range, this place always makes visitors be amazed by its beauty: clear blue water, cloudy sky, misty mountains And the fog ... looks like an ink painting.

Around Hue, there are many more places such as Thuan An beach, Canh Duong beach, Thanh Toan tile bridge, Lang Co bay, traditional craft villages, ... each place will have its own charm. Therefore, in your hue motorbike tour, please check-in all if you have the opportunity!

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Hopefully, this sharing will help you to have more information about your upcoming hue motorbike tour.

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