2 day motorcycle tour, Cangio mangrove forest and Mekong homestay

2 day motorcycle tour, Cangio mangrove forest and Mekong homestay

2 day motorcycle tour, Can Gio mangrove forest and Mekong homestay - this is probably the most searched keyword in the past time. A place that helps you relax, feel comfortable after hard working days, or simply want to visit here and discover the country and people of Vietnam.

Vietnam Motorcycle tour will share with you some experiences when traveling by motorbike to Can Gio mangrove forest.


Why should you choose the Can Gio mangrove forest as your weekend destination?

If you currently live and work in Ho Chi Minh city, the Can Gio mangrove forest is really an ideal destination for you on weekends.

Can Gio mangrove forest be located in the Southeastern part of Ho Chi Minh city, 58km from Ho Chi Minh city and 1 hour 30 minutes by motorbike? Besides, the journey from Saigon to Can Gio is also very easy. So don't worry too much. Pick up your bag and go enjoy a great time, relax after hours of stress and fatigue.

Route to Sai Gon - Can Gio

To help you get a better grasp of the trip, we will share with you a route to move from Saigon to the nearest Can Gio.

Starting from Ben Thanh Market, we move to Le Lai street to Ong Lanh bridge, then turn on Hoang Dieu street to Khanh Hoi street. With that, we will go straight to the end of Khanh Hoi street to Te canal to reach Nguyen Huu Tho. Next, you will see an intersection, then turn left onto Nguyen Binh Street. After running all the way, Nguyen Binh will continue on Huynh Tat Phat Street to reach the Binh Khanh ferry.

To the Binh Khanh ferry, you should buy tickets for the whole car to get to Can Gio. After crossing the ferry, you have reached Can Gio already. After that, continue to use your motorbike to move to entertainment places like Can Gio beach or Vam Sat biosphere reserve...

Where should we go to Can Gio?

Surely many of you have questions similar to the above appearing in mind, Vietnam Motorcycle tour will introduce you to a must-see place that you need to explore while traveling in the Can Gio mangrove forest.

For a long time, the Vam Sat biosphere reserve has always been the pride of the Can Gio people. Different from normal tourist areas, to be able to visit and explore Vam Sat, you need to use a canoe to cross the winding canals to see the landscape and biosphere here. After that, you will visit the bat conservation area.

Also, you are instructed by the staff here to fish crab and crocodile. This is also a unique activity only available in Can Gio. Besides, if you want to see the panoramic view of Can Gio mangrove forest, you should conquer Tang Bong tower nearly 30m high for a panoramic view here and do not miss the opportunity to pull out your phone and take beautiful pictures to capture the moments with Can Gio.


When is the beautiful Can Gio Biosphere Reserve?

In the period from May to October each year, birds will fly here to gather to form nests to breed. So if you come to Can Gio at this time you can see their activities during the breeding season. That contributes to creating beauty, the harmony between nature, landscape, and sharp edges here. It is wonderful, right?

Where can we go from the Can Gio Biosphere Reserve?

After having finished our lunch at the restaurant in the Can Gio Biosphere Reserve, we started to arrange our furniture and continued our journey to Ben Tre. From there you have the opportunity to explore the culture of the Mekong Delta provinces. With a large area, prominent with many famous tourist destinations, monuments, landscapes, and the friendliness of the people here.

The Mekong River Delta is like a gift that nature gives to the people here. This delta region gives people many opportunities to improve their lives, the natural resources here help people cultivate and raise livestock. Annually, it produces tons of rice, fruits, and aquatic products for export and domestic and international markets.

This river is called "Cuu Long" or "Mekong River Delta" because when going to the sea, the river is divided into nine branches flowing in nine different directions and will gradually form many sub-branches. That is why this river is named Cuu Long.

If you don't have a motorbike, how will you go to Can Gio?

Surely many of you have the same question as above. I tell you about the service called "Vietnam Easyrider tours" by the Vietnam Motorcycle tour. Here you can find out about the trips and tours above. Vietnam Motorcycle tour will help you bring to you the extremely experienced, skilled, and fully qualified drivers on your side that you can rest assured to use the service.

Above are some experiences of the Vietnam Motorcycle tour that want to send you about a 2-day motorcycle tour, Can Gio mangrove forest, and Mekong homestay. Hopefully, you will have more information and experiences to prepare and plan a 2-day trip to discover Can Gio Biosphere Reserve and Mekong Delta provinces.

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