Why Choose Hoi An Motorbike Adventures? Where to visit in Hoi An?

Why Choose Hoi An Motorbike Adventures? Where to visit in Hoi An?

Why Choose Hoi An Motorbike Adventures? Where to visit in Hoi An?

Recently, Hoi An is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vietnam for its stunning landscape. Why so many travelers choose Hoi An Motorbike Adventures? Let’s find our more about this Hoi An Motorbike Adventures in this blog.

Hoi An - The city of peace

 Hoi An is a special city compared to other cities in Vietnam. It's a peaceful city which makes visitors feel like they are back to their childhood. This place is very suitable for newlyweds or looking for a really relaxing moment in life.

Hoi An - The most attractive tourist city in Asia

Hoi An was voted as one of the 10 most attractive tourist cities in Asia (voted by Smart Travel Asia magazine). In the old town area, you will be able to walk freely on the roadway without having to worry about traffic safety. Hoi An at night is more and more charming with the light by the gentle light radiating from the lanterns. You will enjoy this space because it is like stepping into the old space of hundreds of years ago right in the "present tense".

Hoi An - The city owns a beautiful beach

Hoi An is famous for many beautiful beaches. It is a pristine white sandy beach. You can walk through the white sand beaches of the beach in the very fresh and gentle air, creating a sense of relaxation and relaxation for visitors. The beach is also known for its very fresh seafood. With its own features, Cua Dai beach, Hoi An has left visitors an unforgettable feeling when leaving this place.

Hoi An - The city between two world heritage sites

Hoi An is located between two world cultural heritages: Hue city, My Son holy land. From Hoi An, you can travel to the above heritage sites.

Hoi An - The city is friendly and hospitable

Hoi An still retains the ancient culture formed from the blend of Vietnamese, French, Chinese and Japanese. The people here are very hospitable, everywhere you go, you will meet very friendly eyes, the very bright smiles of the people as the host welcoming guests. They welcome guests, invite guests to buy souvenirs with great courtesy and courtesy. Absolutely no image of dragging, begging or clinging to tourists.

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Hoi An - The city with the fastest sewing service

Hot sewing service in Hoi An has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Time magazine of America evaluated the garment service in Hoi An ancient town as one of the fastest and cheapest in the world. Customers on the other side of the hemisphere, just find out through the website, send email to any tailor shop to get a satisfactory outfit. This service attracts visitors because from the time the customer comes to place an order until the completion of a suit or a dress in just 3-4 hours. Visitors can leave the address of the residence, the owner will bring the goods to delivery.

Hoi An - City of festivals

 Hoi An is famous as a festival city, once ranked 5th in the group "The best festival city in Asia" voted by Smart Travel Asia magazine. Hoi An has selected 22 out of nearly 100 festivals in the city to build annual festival calendar. These are festivals capable of attracting the public, attracting tourists, including traditional folk festivals, religious festivals, contemporary festivals, ... such as the New Year festival; tailoring festival of sewing profession group; coastal cultural and sport festivals, royal Luc Tanh ceremony, ...

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Hoi An - The city of experience and discovery

Hoi An has many interesting activities, most of which emphasize the beauty of Hoi An's culture. You can join Hoi An tours like "One day as a farmer in Tra Que vegetable village" or "One day as a fisherman" to return to nature and experience the daily life of the people here.

Hoi An - City of specialties Food in Hoi An has attracted domestic and foreign tourists. Cao Lau, Quang noodles, cauldron dumplings, chicken rice, beaters, corn tea, mixed mussels are the dishes you need to try before leaving Hoi An.

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Hopefully, this sharing will help you to have more information about your upcoming Hoi An Motorbike Adventures – Viet Nam.

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