Ho chi minh motorbike tour: 4 options for your memorable trip

Ho chi minh motorbike tour: 4 options for your memorable trip

Ho chi minh motorbike tour: 4 options for your memorable trip

There are 4 different options available to you when you start planning your motorbike trip in the South of Vietnam. These roads have starting point from Ho Chi Minh City and also ending in Ho Chi Minh City. Suggested roads below include both land and coastal roads. The hot tropical weather all year round makes it perfect for a trip!

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Ho chi minh motorbike tour for 2-3 days (Purple)

This is the shortest trek combined from the best trekking routes. Going out and going into the city will take some time. This route passes through the beautiful Cat Tien National Park and leads us to deep mountain roads connecting Bao Loc plateau to the sea and back to Ho Chi Minh City on the quietest stretch of road.


  • Easy and safe city exit
  • Experience motorcycle trip on both land and coast roads

Route for Ho chi minh motorbike tour

Day 1: Leave Ho Chi Minh city and head straight to Cat Tien. It takes about 2 hours to move out of the city. This quick and simple exit to the city is a poetic stretch of road along the Dong Nai River

Day 2: From Cat Tien, follow the direction of National Highway 55B along the hillside until you see the coast. This is the favorite road of the travelers and is often considered as one of the most beautiful trails in Vietnam. Lagi city with its romantic beach is not far from Ho Chi Minh City. From Lagi, you can move back to Ho Chi Minh city during the day.

Day 3: The road from Lagi back to Ho Chi Minh City is not very exciting, however, we will drive more leisurely, ensuring safety!

Day 4 (optional): To make your trip more interesting, you can come by and visit Dambri waterfall - the largest waterfall in Vietnam. The minus point of the amusement park here is its being over-used and exploited in the direction of concreting to attract tourists. However, when you go down to visit the majestic waterfall by elevator, you find this trip is really worth.

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Ho chi minh motorbike tour for 4 days (green)

This route includes the most beautiful roads in Vietnam, the DT725 section connecting Cat Tien with Da Lat. Dalat is a mountainous city with a sufficient height that makes the temperature drop significantly. The pass leading to Da Lat is very impressive. This road is the shortest route that goes through two famous tourist attractions, namely Da Lat and Mui Ne. This trip will take tourists 4 or 5 days to complete but in reality, if you join other tours it will take a few more days.


  • Contains one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam
  • The shortest stretch to experience tourist cities

Ho chi minh motorbike tour for 4 or 5 days (orange)

This is the closest route to Ho Chi Minh City with a coastal road that is very suitable for traveling by motorbike. Not only is the most suitable coastal stretch but it is the most beautiful road in the country and perhaps among some of the most amazing roads in the whole world. Go along the pass from Da Lat toward the sea through the rich agricultural land, tourists should be ready to experience a journey along cliffs overlooking the vast ocean.


  • Motorcycle ride on the most beautiful coastal road in the country
  • Experience the picturesque mountain landscape and coastline for a day

Estimated time:

You can spend 5 days on this road if you have more time and decide to stop in Phan Rang which is becoming a popular tourist attraction too. You can spend 4 days on this road if you go straight from Dalat down to the coastal road and keep traveling as far as you can. At least after that, we reached Mui Ne on the last day and then back to the city.

Ho chi minh motorbike tour for 5-6 days (black)

The section from Da Lat to Nha Trang on Highway 27C is the favorite travel route of all tourists. The pass connects the mountain city of Da Lat with the vibrant coastal city of Nha TrangAfter visiting Nha Trang city, toursist can come to the most beautiful places in South Vietnam.Estimated time:If you choose to spend the entire time down the coastal line, this itinerary will shorten to 5 days. Riding motorbike normally takes you about 6 days.Highlights: • The pass located on Highway 27 connecting Da Lat - Nha Trang is the favorite street of tourists. • Nha Trang City and its vibrant life is so amazing.

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With a short amount of time, you can still experience some of the most beautiful motorbike rides in Vietnam. What makes the South even more appealing is the reasonably hot tropical weather, so there won't be any detrimental time for motorbike hopping in the south of Vietnam.

It only takes you at least 2 days to visit some beautiful countryside lands. Once you have chosen the route, choose a motorbike for yourself! If you find interesting roads or places to contribute to the article, leave a comment below so that other readers can enjoy Vietnam more.


Hopefully, this sharing will help you to have more information about your upcoming trip in Nha Trang – Viet Nam.

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