Saigon by night – flavorful street food

Saigon by night – flavorful street food

Saigon by night – flavorful street food

Everyone knows Saigon is an extremely bustling city, crowded and crowded. The culinary world of Saigon is most special in popular dishes, not in luxury restaurants. Let's explore Saigon by night – flavorful street food!

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Discover Saigon cuisine at night

Phan Xich Long area (Phu Nhuan district)

This is the busiest nightlife of Saigon in the hearts of indigenous people. Phan Xich Long street sells all kinds of dishes of all 3 regions, so it attracts tourists. Snacks such as milk tea, grilled chicken, snails, lemon tea, ... are also not lacking in options.

Western Bui Vien Quarter (District 1)

Bui Vien was a very famous nightlife area that everyone liked young people. But people come here mainly to drink beer, have fun, gather with main dishes as snacks. But if you want to eat seafood, snails or even noodles, pho, it is not impossible if you are hard to find.

Vinh Vien Area (District 10)

This is a nightlife area that Saigon people only know. Food here is mostly sold to help people fight hunger at night. Outstanding dishes of Saigon style such as broken rice, noodles, banh canh, ... The price is just affordable and affordable.

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Street food in Saigon by night 

Many people think that if you want to eat delicious Saigon specialties, you must eat on the street sidewalk, not high-end restaurants. For a long time, Saigon has formed streets and neighborhoods gathering many delicious restaurants:

Nguyen Canh Chan Fruit and Fruity Street

In the middle of a crowded center, Nguyen Canh Chan small street did not know since when there were so many fruit and plate sales. Young people in Saigon often come here to cool off snacks and "shoot the wind" with their friends.

Food area along Turtle Lake

Turtle Lake is a gathering place for young men and women from Saigon to enjoy the wind. With this crowded customer group, of course, there are many emerging shops around to serve them. Pham Ngoc Thach and Vo Van Tan streets around the lake have many dynamic food stalls from afternoon to night. The main dishes are snacks such as mixed rice paper, milk tea, fried corn, ...

Alley 284 Le Van Sy

Located near the University of Pedagogy of Ho Chi Minh City, this area has a lot of restaurants for students. But the quality of the food is extremely delicious. Most of the dishes here are main dishes such as Quang noodles, broken rice, high-rise buildings, ...

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Explore Saigon cuisine underground - Saigon by night

It seems strange to hear the name, but Saigon does have a large food court located underground. They are Asiana Food Town and Taka Plaza. These two areas belong to Sense Market - the first underground shopping mall combined with traditional types of markets in Saigon. Unlike the popular street food Saigon street, Asiana Food Town and Taka Plaza are planned so the stalls are arranged cleanly and easy to choose.

This place brings together all kinds of Vietnamese, Asian and European dishes, a total of more than 500 dishes. Coming here, you will feel like being traveling through all Asian countries from Japan, Korea to Thailand, Laos, India,… in just a few steps.

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Discover Saigon cuisine with street food - Saigon by night

If you want to explore Saigon cuisine in particular and true Vietnamese cuisine, you cannot ignore the sidewalk stalls. Saigonese sell everything in street vendors and small carts all over the sidewalk, day and night. The dish has almost everything from bread, sticky rice, broken rice, ... to snacks like beef, mixed rice paper, fried corn, fried flour, tea, meat skewers, fried balls, food refreshments, ... Just where there is a dense population, the more sidewalk shops there are. Such a simple, cheap street restaurant is really the place where Saigon people visit to dine the most.

The exploration of Saigon cuisine will never end because the delicious food and delicious restaurants in Saigon are endless! If you have the opportunity to visit Saigon, do not forget to spend a lot of time to enjoy it.

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