6 day Vietnam motorcycle tour, grand Mekong delta loop

6 day Vietnam motorcycle tour, grand Mekong delta loop

6 day Vietnam motorcycle tour, grand Mekong delta loop - This is probably the keyword that often appears in the mind of those who are planning to visit the Mekong Delta provinces. 

Today Vietnamese Motorcycle Tours will share with you some experiences about the trip to visit these delta provinces.


Things to note before the trip

If you want to have a wonderful and memorable trip, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Next, you sit down and make a plan of places you will visit and explore. Therefore, you need to learn to be able to arrange the destinations to suit the route you travel. Not only that, but having a clear plan also helps you to save maximum time traveling and visiting entertainment venues and landscapes.
  • One week before departure, you should check all machinery and parts of the vehicle to detect and promptly repair the damage to avoid problems that may arise in the journey and cause influence for you.
  • Next, you should calculate and prepare fully personal items such as chargers, phones, food, drinks, or necessary personal items such as clothes, because these are not items. indispensable on the trip.
  • Besides, on the way, you will encounter many beautiful landscapes and scenic spots. Therefore, do not forget to bring items such as GoPro, camera, or selfie stick to save these wonderful memories and moments.

Itinerary of the trip

Day 1: Saigon - Ben Tre

The distance from Saigon to Ben Tre is about 140km long and you need to go through all four ferries to reach Ben Tre province. So for your convenience, you should start at 7:30 to be able to catch the ferry to Ben Tre at noon.

This is an island province located on a main branch of the Cu Long river, so this place is endowed with fertile land suitable for farming and the most famous is Coconut Ben. Bamboo.

Annually, Ben Tre provides thousands of tons of coconuts all over the country, exported to many different countries around the world. Therefore, when coming to Ben Tre, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicious coconuts. Not only famous for the coconut industry but also the famous fishing and aquaculture here.

Also, Ben Tre owns a lot of ecotourism areas, so do not miss the opportunity to explore all of this place.

Day 2: Ben Tre to Soc Trang

Unlike the first day, the journey on day 2 is longer and has to pass a total of 8 ferries. That's why you should prepare a little food and drink to eat on the go, to avoid exhaustion from hunger leading to seasickness. And one more little advice for you

When taking the ferry, talk to as many locals as possible to get more information about the land you are going to come to.

Today, we are going to explore a land that was dominated by the Khmer community for a long time before the Vietnamese and Chinese immigrated here. Each community of people who come to Soc Trang and Tra Vinh lands contributes to the development of culture, identity, and economy of Vietnam. A place has many different religions, so there are many temples, churches, or temples with different structural structures creating a spiritual beauty only in Soc Trang. Therefore, do not miss anything in Soc Trang.


Day 3: Soc Trang comes to Rach Gia via U Minh Thuong National Park

This is the farthest distance you have to go on this trip when the distance is nearly 230km and over 4 times the ferry. To prepare for the journey from Soc Trang to Rach Gia and U Minh Ha National Park, you should eat well and avoid starvation. Also, be careful not to fall into the water and you should also stay away from pets.

Although this is the longest trip, it is also home to some of the best scenic spots. Therefore, you should fully charge your camera, phone, and GoPro battery to be able to keep those pictures.

U Minh Thuong National Park is different from U Minh Thuong National Park because it is a wetland with rich biological diversity. U Minh Ha is considered as one of the most outstanding and unique conservation sites in the world today by experts in the country and the world.

After finishing visiting U Minh Thuong National Park, we will continue to eat and relax in Rach Gia city.

Day 4: Rach Gia to Chau Doc

With a distance of nearly 100km, moving will not take as long as the first days, but you need to be mentally prepared because you will go through the famous Ba Chuc massacre in An Giang.

Because this is where nearly 3,200 civilians died after 18 days of the Khmer Rouge occupation and according to recorded data, after 18 days only 3 people survived. Therefore, before coming here, please prepare yourself mentally to be stable. And when we come here, let's take a few minutes to pray for the dead.

After Ba Chuc, let's continue our journey to Tra Su bird sanctuary. This is a mangrove National Park, sitting on boats passing through canals full of birds singing, the sound of wind creeping in each cluster of leaves creating a colorful and sound space.

After visiting Tra Su Bird Park, you should return to Chau Doc city and rest for your next trip.

Day 5: Chau Doc to Can Tho

Nearly 180km from Chau Doc city, Can Tho is one of the largest and most developed provinces in the Mekong Delta. After a few hours of driving, you will continue to go through 5 ferries to reach the place known as the paradise of canals and rivers. Not only there is a network of rivers and canals, but also a large area of ​​fruit trees and rice cultivation.

Besides, Can Tho also possesses an iconic feature of this delta, which is Cai Rang Floating Market which has become a cultural feature here. Therefore, when coming to Can Tho, you should not miss a floating market here.


Day 6: Can Tho to Saigon

This is the last day of the trip to explore the Mekong Delta provinces. Therefore, the advice that we want to give you is to rest and relax in your room to recuperate the nearly 200km journey and 4 ferries to return to Saigon.

If not, you can also go to souvenir shops to buy things to bring back to your friends.

Hopefully, this sharing will help you to have more information about your upcoming trip.

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