Travel to one of the world’s most exotic nations and not having the opportunity to experience all that the country and it’s people have to offer.  For this very reason, Tropic Riders has created the travel experience of a lifetime.  We now offer the 7 day motorbike tour Saigon Loop that you may ride as a pillion passenger (Easy Rider Tours) or on your own; experience some of the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam, the hustle and bustle Saigon to the endless roads of the stunning sand dunes in Mui Ne, the wildlife experience in Nam Cat Tien national park, the breathtaking view of Ta Dung nature reserve, some of the most the most imposing mountain passes in the south of Vietnam, the beauty of colorful fishing villages and the ethnic people in the central highland. Join us for this magnificent journey as we guide you through the local history, delicacies, and beautiful people of Vietnam.


Stunning Sand dune in Mui Ne

Beautiful coastal road of Vinh Hy Bay 

Imposing omega mountain pass

Bidoup national park 

Cat Tien National Park

Ta Dung Nature Reserve

Thrilling optional off road


Day 1:  Saigon motorcycle tour to Lagi (180km)

Depart from Saigon, Vietnam’s largest city, and after traveling the Cat Lai ferry, enjoy a majestic ride through the rubber plantations before arriving at one of Vietnam’s most celebrated monasteries, the Thuong Chieu Monastery  

Follow the back road for approximately 40ks to the coastal roads running parallel to the many charming beaches of Vietnam

Visit the Minh Dam war vestige where you may admire the many panoramic views of the ocean

Tour local fishing villages, families, dragon fruit farms and observe the lifestyle of local Vietnamese living

Arrive in Lagi before sunset

Day 2:  Lagi motorbike trip to Vinh Hy bay (250km)

Day begins with a 30 minutes morning walk at the fairy stream, a quick stop at a local fishing village where you can enjoy a beautiful Vietnamese sunrise

Ride to the enormous white sand dunes with the option of renting a plastic sled or ATV to ride the dunes

Cruise the spectacular road through many sand dunes to Phan Ri, have a quick visit to Cana salt field and observe the lifestyle of local Vietnamese living

The ride in the afternoon to Vinh Hy bay is opem and windy through many fishing villages, grapes farms and the spectacular Nui Chua reserved national park.

Stay overnight in guest house Vinh Hy bay

Day 3: Vinh Hy Bay riding to Dalat (220km)

Start the day by short ride to the stunning view of Vinh Hy bay, periodically stopping to relish the spectacular scenery of the Cam Ranh bay

Travel north along the coastal road offering some of Vietnams most outstanding landscapes to Nha Trang beach town.

Head to the central highland by the hidden back road through Bidoup national park, quick visit the typical Vietnamese villages of Raglai.

Continue the winding road spiraling up the Omega pass for 30ks entrance to the central highland

On the way to Dalat, stop by many plantations of coffee, tea, persimmon, vegetable to observe the local peoples cultivate and harvest

Arrive in Dalat before dark

Day 4: Dalat motorcycle tour to Lak Lake (160km)

Depart and take a quick ride to one of Vietnams most unique hotels, known for its quirky architecture, the Crazy House

Cruise along the countryside viewing the variety of abundant agriculture such as vegetable farms, flower green houses, coffee plantations as well as a tour of the silk worm factory to observe the process of making silk

Visit the elephant waterfall

Following lunch, ride along the winding roads, periodically stopping to relish the spectacular scenery in addition to visiting the local market and fishing village

Arrive at our final destination Lak Lake before dark where you may stay in a guest house or home stay

Day 5: Lak Lake to Ta Dung (200km)

Visit the typical Vietnamese villages of M’nong where you may learn about the culture and daily life of the towns people

Embark on a quick ferry ride across the river followed by a bumpy however stunning ride through coffee farms, pepper farms and local villages

Take the country side road through spectacular volcanic rice paddies, the smell of the the rice all around you, the farmers and the children wave hello to you all along the way

We then heading to Dray Sap waterfall as we riding through the most breathtaking volcanoes in Dak Nong UNESCO global Geo-park, spent time to visit and swimming at the waterfall.

Off the beaten track through tropical forests via Quang Son heading to Ta Dung, a Ha Long bay in Central highland, where we enjoy the breathtaking view and stay over night.

Day 6: Ta Dung - Nam Cat Tien national park by motorbikes (140km)

Contemplate the morning spectacular view from Ta Dung top View home stay, we then cruise along stunning road around the reservoir to Dong Nai river and  head to Nam Cat Tien national park.

Embark on the quick moto boat across the river entering the headquarter of the national park.

Check in, venture deeply into the park, the optional activities include cycling and trekking to the Crocodile lake where we stay over night and experience the captivating nocturnal wildlife.

Day 7: Nam Cat Tien - Ho Chi Minh - Motorcycle tour ends (160km)

Awaken to the melodious tunes of bird songs and sip your morning coffee in the sunlight and fresh air at the view point of crocodile lake.

The way we cycle  and trek back to the headquarter in the morning offers you opportunity watching birds and wild animals as well as free your mind as we going through the evergreen vast tropical forests.

Pack up and be back on the road again we ride through many rubber plantations via Tri An reservoir and back to Ho Chi Minh, ending the unforgettable 7 day motorbike tour adventure in the south of Vietnam

The tour program includes

  • Motorbikes
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Petrol, oil
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Helmets
  • Rain coats, water proof bags and bungee cords
  • All fees and permits

The tour program does not include

  • Personal insurence 
  • Bikes damages (for self-riders)
  • Your food and drinks 
  • Tips