Imagine traveling to one of the world’s most exotic nations and not having the opportunity to experience all that the country and it’s people have to offer.  For this very reason, Vietnam Motorcycle Tours has created the travel experience of a lifetime.  We now offer a 16 day tour from Saigon to Hanoi or Hanoi to Saigon where you may either ride as a passenger or on your own so that you too may appreciate Vietnam just as the millions of motorbikers of our great nation do.  This inspiring adventure encompasses the finest of coastal roads, beautiful highlands, the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail and so much more.  Join us for this magnificent journey as we guide you through the local history, delicacies, villages, homestays and beautiful people of Vietnam.


Day 1:  Saigon-Mui Ne Or Lagi

  • Depart from Saigon, Vietnam’s largest city, and after traveling the Cat Lai ferry, enjoy a majestic ride through the rubber plantations before arriving at one of Vietnam’s most celebrated monasteries, the Thuong Chieu Monastery  
  • Follow highway 51 for approximately 40ks to the coastal roads running parallel to the many charming beaches of Vietnam
  • Visit the Minh Dam war vestige where you may absorb the many panoramic views of the ocean
  • Tour local fishing villages, families, dragon fruit farms and observe the lifestyle of local
    Vietnamese living
  • Arrive in Mui Ne before sunset where you may savor the beach, peaceful resorts, tranquil setting and of course the famous sand dunes

Day 2 :  Mui Ne-Bao Loc

  • Day begins with a 30 minute morning walk at the fairy stream, a quick stop at a local fishing village where you can enjoy a beautiful Vietnamese sunrise
  • Ride to the enormous white sand dunes with the option of renting a plastic sled or ATV to ride the dunes
  • Visit the stunning landscape of the central highlands and appreciate the many dragon fruit farms, rice paddies, coffee plantations, lakes and local villages
  • Arrive in Bao Loc famous for tea, silk and the cultivation of mulberry leaves

Day 3:   Bao Loc-Da Lat

  • Depart Bao Loc and head north through the many tea and mulberry plantations before arriving at one of Vietnams most magnificent sites, the Dambri Waterfalls
  • Enjoy the falls and additional activities for approximately 1 hour
  • Ride north along highway 20 experiencing more Vietnam treasures such as the Pongour Waterfall, Chicken village and Paradise Lake
  • Arrive in the City of Eternal Spring, Da Lat

Day 4:  Da Lat-Lak Lake, Lien Son

  • Depart and take a quick ride to one of Vietnams most unique hotels, known for its quirky architecture, the Crazy House
  • Cruise along the countryside viewing the variety of abundant agriculture such as vegetable farms, flower green houses, coffee plantations as well as a tour of the silk worm factory to observe the process of making silk
  • Visit the elephant waterfall
  • Following lunch, ride along the winding roads, periodically stopping to relish the spectacular scenery in addition to visiting the local market and fishing village
  • Arrive at our final destination Lak Lake before dark where you may stay in a beach bungalow or homestay

Day 5:  Lak Lake-Buon Me Thout City

  • Relatively effortless day as not much time is spent on the bike
  • Time may be spent enjoying the Gia Long Waterfalls, riding elephants, canoe rentals, hiking, swimming or simply relaxing
  • Visit the typical Vietnamese villages of M’nong and Ede where you may learn about the culture and daily life of the towns people
  • After the morning activities, embark on a quick ferry ride across the river followed by a bumpy however stunning ride through rice paddies, pepper farms and local villages
  • Lunch followed by a cruise to Dray Sap, home to one of Vietnams many natural wonders the Dray Nu falls where we will spend the afternoon unwinding
  • Rooms are available at the falls or in Buon Me Thout City as this is our final destination for the day

Day 6: Buon Ma Thuot – Kon Tum

  • Depart and begin our 190k ride to Chu Se with a visit to Buon Me Thout City, also known as the coffee capital of Vietnam
  • Along the ride we will stop and observe locals making rice noodles, incense, drums as well as cultivating mushrooms
  • Afterward, we begin our journey on the legendary Ho Chi Minh Road to learn about the fascinating period in history during the French colonization and Vietnam War
  • Arrive and stay in Chue Se where you may indulge in some of Vietnam’s best rice and chicken dishes.
  • After we ride to Pleiku City to visit Bien Ho Lake where time is allotted to relax and savor the scenery
  • Continue north to Kom Tum where sites include a historical church, orphanage and museum as well as Konktu village, home of the steel communal homes
  • Stay overnight in Kon Tum

Day 7:  Kon Tum-Kham Duc

  • Begin the day with a majestic ride through the hills and many ethnic villages
  • Along the way we will stop and visit the many historical sites such as Phoenix Airport, Challi Hill, the Ho Chi Minh Trail and much more where our guides will give information about some of the most ferocious battles of the Vietnam War
  • After stopping at the local hot spring and passing over a suspension bridge we finish our 190k journey and arrive at our destination for the day, Kham Duc

Day 8:  Kham Duc-Hoi An

  • Continue navigating the Ho Chi Minh Road for a spectacular 150ks
  • Periodically stop at remote villages with time to observe the local culture
  • Tour a local pineapple plantation where you can enjoy the local harvest
  • Day includes a boat ride across a river to the ruins of My Son, a UNESCO site
  • Enjoy the beautiful countryside and local plantations as we ride to Hoi An arriving before dark

Day 9:  Day of relaxation in Hoi An

  • Spend the day as you choose as there are infinite activities available in the fascinating city or beaches of Hoi An

Day 10:  Hoi An-Hue

  • Moving on from Hoi An we proceed to the fabled Marble Mountains known for its series of marble and limestone formations resembling a dragon
  • Make a stop at a view point of Da Nang and the stone carving village of Non Nuoc
  • Travel north along the coastal road offering some of Vietnams most outstanding landscapes to Da Nang and eventually the Hai Van Pass
  • Periodically stop for food, beverages and photos as well as a dip in the pools of Hai Van Pass’s Elephant Waterfall
  • Continue north to Hue, our destination for the day, via the countryside roads

Day 11:  Hue-Khe Sanh

  • Spend the morning site seeing some of Vietnams great historical locations under the Nguyen Dynasty such as the UNESCO complex of the Hue monument as well as the ancient emperors’ ****** scattered along the Huong River
  • Return to the Ho Chi Minh Road through the winding roads, to the mountainous district of A Luoi, location to several US military bases during the Vietnam War
  • Site see and occasionally stop at Ashou Airport, Hamburger Hill and some of the Vietnam War’s bloodiest battle fields
  • After approximately 100ks of the legendary Ho Chi Minh Road, several remote villages, tunnels and superb landscape we arrive at our destination of Khe Sanh

Day 12:  Khe Sanh-Phong Nha

  • Embark north to the UNESCO site of Phong Nha National Park on a stretch of road widely considered by motorcycle enthusiasts as one of Southeast Asia’s greatest gems
  • After an early departure we will occasionally stop and site see more of the war relics located in Khe Sanh, home of perhaps the single most horrific battle of the Vietnam War
  • Proceed to the Ho Chi Minh West Mountain Road enjoying the lack of traffic, jungle scenery, hidden villages, rivers, winding roads and at times the Loas boarder
  • Arrive at the UNESCO site of Phong Nha National Park for the night

Day 13:  Phong Nha-Tan Ky

  • Depart early for a morning boat trip to discover the daily life of the locals on the Son River and what is recognized as the world’s largest cave
  • Continue on the Ho Chi Minh Road appreciating the incredible landscape as well as the historical Da Deo Pass and enchanting Cha Noi Valley
  • Following lunch, take the countryside road through the abundance of tea plantations and rice fields
  • Visit Nam Dan, homeland and birth place to Ho Chi Minh
  • Arrive in Tan Ky where we will stay for the night

Day 14:  Tan Ky-Mai Chau

  • Today we say good bye to the Ho Chi Minh Road and travel through the farms to the northeast of Vietnam
  • Visit the famous historical city of Lam Kinh to learn of King Le Thai To and the uprising of the Lam Son troops in the 15thcentury
  • Stop at the Cam Thuy Ferry Fish Stream to hear the mysterious story related to the God fish and traditions of the Muong people
  • Enjoy the amazing scenery, fragrant rice fields, step farming, winding roads through the rolling hills as well as the typical Thai villages along the way
  • Arrive in Mai Chau for the night

Day 15: Mai Chau – Phu Yen

  • Start the day early and soak up the fresh air and one of north Vietnam’s most majestic valley’s.  
  • visit Go Lao waterfall
  • Crossing the ferry through the biggest Dam in Vietnam to the stunning rice paddies.
  • Enjoying the the curvy roads along the Dam leading to Phu Yen.

Day 16:  Phu Yen - Ha Noi

  • Continue north to the Thung Khe Pass through the alluring rice paddies and limestone views to Hoa Binh
  • Travel along the river, through the Bavi National Park to Son Tay
  • Visit the ancient village of Duong Lam with the opportunity to site see and explore the architecture, narrow alleyways, temples and locals of this historical location
  • After lunch resume our ride along the Red River to our final destination and conclusion of Vietnam Motorcycle Tours 16 day adventure, Ha Noi
  • Drop you at the hotel in Hanoi(hotel of the last day not included)

The tour program includes

  • Motorbikes
  • English speaking guide
  • Petrol, oil
  • 15 night accomodations
  • Helmets
  • Rain coats, water proof bags and bugee cords
  • All fees and permits

The tour program does not include

  • Personal medical insurence 
  • Bikes damages (for self-rider)
  • Your food and drinks
  • Tips